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ISBN: 978-93-89527-03-2
India 2019: Population and Sustainable Development

Aalok Ranjan Chaurasia
MLC Foundation and ‘Shyam’ Institute,
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Suresh Jungari
Savitribai Phule Pune University,
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Suresh Jungari: Introduction
Aalok Ranjan Chaurasia: Two decades of human progress in India: 1995-2015
Binod Kumar Jena: Challenges in the implementing Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna (PMJAY): empirical findings from RSBY study
Brijesh P Singh, Deepak Kumar Maurya, Sandeep Singh: Estimating duration of post-partum amenorrhoea through breastfeeding duration
Vikram Singh, Sarita Sonwani: Mapping the role of Navjatan Yojna in reducing child mortality in Chhattisgarh
SRJ Singh: Some characteristics of return migrants in rural northern Madhya Pradesh
Kasturi Mondal: Socioeconomic factors and child morbidity in a fishing community of district 24 South Pargana, West Bengal
Shivam Mishra, Abhay Kumar Tiwari: Association of fertility with anthropometric measures
Sajid MS: Exclusion and regional disparity in the Kerala model of development: a threat to sustainable development
Gunjan Singh, Brijesh P Singh, Sandeep Singh: Variation in contraceptive use by birth order and sex of the child: reflections of son preference
Shatrughan Prasad, Rajesh Raushan: Treatment seeking behaviour and challenges in availing services across social groups in India
Rajeev Kumar, Balram Paswan: Progress in stunting and underweight towards Millennium Development Goals in EAG states, India
Abhay K Tiwari, Shivam Mishra, Aman K Tiwari: A descriptive study of the relationship between the body mass index and selected health indicators in women
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